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July 2020

How to Use Wild Posting for Branding


Table Of Content Why Is Branding Important? 1. Determine How Wild Posting Fits Into Your Strategy 2. Define Your Goals Before You Begin 3. Use Creative That Furthers Branding Efforts 4. Add Words (Sometimes) But Choose Them Carefully 5. Emphasize Consistency in Your Messaging 6. Take Your Time 7. Consider Data in All Your [...]

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August 2019

Definitions of Wild Posting


Table Of Content Definitions of Wild Posting Is Wheatpasting Illegal? Wheatpasting Wheatpaste Poster Wheat Posting Wild Posters Flyposting Bill Posting Definitions of Wild Posting You may have heard of wild posting, which is putting up a bunch of the same static posters in one urban location to draw people’s attention. But have you heard [...]

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April 2018

How Wheatpaste / Wild Posting Campaign


Step by Step Guide How to Wheatpaste. Permitted & Unpermitted When you approach an agency, the first question you’ll have to answer is whether you want your wheatpaste poster to be permitted or unpermitted. Permitted means that landlords allow the posters to be posted on their buildings for a fee. While that does increase the [...]

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November 2017

Do Wild Postings Need Copy?


Why do Wild Postings and other visual advertising mediums rely primarily on images to attract their target audience? Why not use more copy? Or a mix of both copy and images. According to CapitalOutDoor.com, a company dedicated to measuring outdoor advertising effectiveness, the average person only looks at a billboard for 4 seconds. (Wild Postings [...]

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October 2017

The Keys To Creating Captivating Images


According to visualteachingalliance.com, 90% of the information that enters our minds is visual. A Forbes.com report discovered 65% of people are visual learners. And according to research compiled by 3M, the company behind Post it notes, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than words. Images aren’t just important in your marketing, they are the marketing. [...]

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4 Industries Wild Postings Dominate


Your movie only has one opening day. Your band is only performing in that city for a short time. Your fashion line can only be launched once. In entertainment marketing, timing is everything. Cultivating hype and anticipation in a short span of time surrounding the launch of your product is an art. And all entertainment [...]

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September 2017

2 Things Out of Home Does Really Well


Two recent Nielsen research studies demonstrate that out of home advertising is great at (1) Influencing behavior and (2) creating online activations. Out of Home Advertising Influences Behavior In 2017 Nielson surveyed 4,200 residents aged 18 and over in 10 markets across the United States about the effectiveness of 36 poster advertising campaigns in those [...]

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How To Create A Great Wild Posting Mockup


What does your client want? It’s one of the hardest questions to answer in wild posting or any kind of design related field. Some are black and white thinkers. They’ll know the design when they see it. Some tell you what they want and then realize it's the furthest thing from what they want after [...]

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Why Out of Home Advertising


Media buyers have lots of options when they spend ad dollars: TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers and Digital Advertising on the internet.  This post will discuss the advantages of out of home versus other competing forms of media. Out of Home Advertising Out of home provides a way to target messages to consumers based on location [...]

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August 2017

5 Things To Know About Wild Posting Creative


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The idea that a complex meaning can be conveyed far more effectively with an image than words has been around longer than any of us can remember. But old sayings don’t always reign supreme. Billboards, TV commercials, wild postings etc. Most products and their advertisements live or die [...]

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