Make People Do a Double Take With Your Big, Bold Advertisement

You’re walking down the street thinking about what to get for lunch, when suddenly you notice a gigantic image of Lady Gaga on the building in front of you – and we do mean gigantic, like her hand in this illustration is the size of Steph Curry. Written across her face is the word “Coachella.”

All thoughts of lunch fly out of your head, and suddenly you’re grabbing your phone, Googling Coachella and buying your tickets.

This, friends, is how wall murals work. They command your attention, they make their point quickly, and they spur you into action. Wall murals draw people in by sheer size, but they also offer opportunities for inspired creativity. Here’s the lowdown on wall murals and how you can use them to boost your brand.

What Are Wall Murals?

Wall murals are exactly what they sound like – ads that occupy an entire wall of a building. Each wall mural is unique, because it accommodates a special size.

Since they take up a lot of space and require a good deal of advance planning, wall murals usually stay in place for an extended period of time.


How Do Wall Murals Work?

There are two main ways you can make a wall mural:

  1. Paint directly on the wall: The process of making the mural becomes almost an event in itself in these cases, as people walking by see the artists and painters at work. This format is rarely used today, however.
  2. Printing on pressure-sensitive vinyl: This can be hung from the building or attached to the wall via a special adhesive.

As you would imagine, such large-scale, intricate work requires quite a bit of lead time, at least two months.


Where Can You Buy Wall Murals?

You can find these opportunities primarily in urban areas, most notably New York City and Los Angeles. Buildings with exposure to high-traffic transit or pedestrian areas are most desirable, to get the most eyes on your prized creative.


What Categories Do Well on Wall Murals?

You can try just about anything on a wall mural. We have seen great success with concerts and anything with a recognizable celebrity endorser or even an iconic logo – see the work we did for Playboy.com.

Murals can work for branding or for advertising an event. Some can be leased for a year or more, in which case an evergreen message may be the best use of your money.


What Makes Wall Murals So Effective?

The size and scale of a wall mural make it impossible to ignore – and isn’t that the aim of all advertising? In fact, wall murals can become an entrenched part of the landscape, landmarks that people reference (“Let’s meet at the Starbucks by the Lady Gaga mural.”) When you’ve achieved that level of recognition, you know your campaign is making an impact.

Wall murals offer a new and different way to deliver your message. Hijack people’s attention and get the word out about your brand or event.