Wild Posting® Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wild Posting Legal?

Many people lump Wild Posting® in with guerrilla advertising, though a lot of campaigns are perfectly legal thanks to permits secured from property owners. You can also run unpermitted campaigns, which could result in a cease-and-desist letter and maybe an annoyed property owner.

Just trust us, no one’s going to get in serious legal trouble for Wild Posting. We’ve been doing this for quite a while and never seen a SWAT team called in over a poster.

Where Can I Run Wild Posting®?

Where do you want to be? Wild Posting® can run anywhere. Virtually every major market has Wild Posting® opportunities. As for the actual locations, permitted campaigns run through landlords who rent the space on construction barricades or buildings to vendors.

For an unpermitted campaign, your imagination is really the only limiting factor. You can find Wild Posting on wooden fences, abandoned buildings and more.

What Sizes Are There For Wild Posting®?

The standard size for Wild Posting® poster is 36 inches high and 24 inches wide. You can also opt for an oversized version that’s 72 inches high and 36 inches wide.

Wild Posting Cost?

Wild Posting® costs are based on the amount of posters printed and what size the posters are and how many locations are being posted at. For major markets like Los Angeles and New York, Wild Posting® can be as little as a few thousand dollars.

The amount will vary depending on the market and desirability of your location. For comparison, here are the average costs for typical campaigns in some of the nation’s biggest cities:

  • New York $5,000
  • Los Angeles $4,500
  • Atlanta $4,000
  • Miami $4,000

What Types Of Wild Posting® Are There?

You can take two basic approaches to Wild Posting®. One is to cast a wide net and aim for reach and frequency. Use multiple locations and target a broad audience. This option works for advertisers with smaller budgets.

The second approach is to blanket a hyper-targeted area where you want to have 100 percent share. This will be more expensive but will help you connect to exactly the audience you desire.

What Categories Do Well With Wild Posting?

You have probably seen many movie, music and fashion companies on Wild Postings®. These industries rely on timeliness — a new album or movie or fashion line comes out on a certain day, a musician’s gig lasts for one night only. Wild Posting® offers the perfect way to promote this targeted date in a timely manner.

How Long Do Wild Postings® Last?

Posters typically last about two weeks before the elements, such as rain or sun exposure, render them unreadable. In most locations, old posters get plastered over with new posters after that two-week period.

How Many Creatives Can I Do?

The short answer is “as many as you want.” Some campaigns include just one while others employ two creatives — one with art, one with words to convey a message. Posted together, they get your point across effectively. But you can do more if you like. We’ve seen up to eight creatives used in one campaign.  As you add more creatives, costs for production does increase.

Posting Examples

Click on the video below. It contains examples of Wild Posting® that have been executed in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, Seattle and more. The video illustrates campaigns that we have done for A-List artists like Flo Rida and Katy Perry. Enjoy!