Wild POstingĀ®


What are Wild PostersĀ®?

Wild PostersĀ® are street-level advertising where paper posters, and sometimes vinyl posters are pasted onto the sides of buildings, construction sites and barricades. Wild PostingĀ®, generically called flyposting is available in most major urban markets worldwide. In the United Sates Wild PostingĀ® is available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, Miami and more. Worldwide Wild PostingsĀ® are available in London, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City and more. Check out our Wild Posting Coverage Map for a full list of all the areas covered.

With Wild PostingĀ® signposts, shopfronts, street poles, underpasses, bridges, construction sites, and building walls in high-traffic areas become instant art galleries with your business message on display. Street locations, public transport stops, college campuses, cafes, and public bulletin boards become our canvas as we deliver your innovative message through posters, pull-tab posters, vinyl stickers or traditional wheatpaste posters.

We have the ability to post Wild PostersĀ® in almost all major markets within the United States, and we can post worldwide as well. Markets like Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago are the most requested cities clients ask us for. We have a interactive map for our posting abilities located here.

Wild PostersĀ® are usually posted on the weekends and late at night. Historically the practice of Wild PostingĀ® has been seen as a guerilla form of advertising, although in the past 5 years it has gone mainstream. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America still to this day refuses to accept Wild PostingĀ® as a legitimate form of Outdoor Advertising. Many within the industry suspect that’s because of its guerilla roots.

Take you message to the street now!


If bigger is better when it comes to your companyā€™s message, then our 8-Sheet posters are what your next campaign is needing. They are what they say they are; amazing artwork spread across 8 sheets of professional grade poster to ensure that your message beams brighter than the sun. This cost-effective method of advertising will get eyes on your message and money in your pocket! With amazing locations all over the city to choose from we can always bring your message to the people that need to see it.

Ready to step your message up a notch?

Bus Benches

Have the message that people see as they start and end their day! Bus Benches ensure a captive audience that will see your message again and again while a new audience is just around the corner! They are seen by the people that use that particular stop but also to those already riding the bus when they come to the stop and driving traffic 24/7! Let people rest on your message and let your business do the driving!

Click here to get your bus pass today!

Mobile Billboards

Take the message to the people! Take the message where they live, work, and drive with a Mobile Billboard! If you are sitting in traffic, which is inevitable in LA, a business message on the back of a car is guaranteed to stay with you. Have that be your message! We have a range of options to suit your campaign and budget!

In Theater

Captive audiences are great and getting consumers when they are in a good mood is even better! In Theater advertising gets your message to the big screen in theaters all over town! Have your message shown before the latest blockbuster for unrivalled advertising impact, hit a highly sought-after demographic, with highly targeted scheduling in an uncluttered media.

Get that audience leaving the cinema and deliver them straight to your business. With fresh popcorn smell intact!

Guerilla Advertising

Pick the advertising that does all the hard work for you. If you want buzz, presence, consumer excitement and your business going viral over all the social media platforms, then Guerilla Advertising will do that for you. It can be posters, one of a kind art pieces, cutting edge digital displays, or the old school spray can type but your message will catch eyes and create buzz!


The Rolling Stones Wild Posting
Los Angeles

Playboy Wild Posting

Playboy Wild Posting
Los Angeles