In the early days of Wild Posting® in major urban centers from New York to Los Angeles, street marketing services ignored signs reading Post No Bills to wheatpaste their ads on any and all available flat surfaces viewable by humans. And though those wild west posting days are over, firms that skirt the law still pay those Post No Bills notices no mind at all. But if your plan is to advertise a new album or movie with Wild Posting®, you'll be better off going with services that only post in permitted spaces.

Yes, that's right, Wild Posting® has gone legit. And, while ignoring the law might once have given you street cred, today it's only likely to give you bad press.

Before we discuss the pros and cons of services that use legal versus illegal tactics, let's get a few terms straight.

Wild Posting Glossary

Wild Posting - Posting flyers in large quantities on building walls, construction site barricades and other visible surfaces.

Post No Bills - A notice, usually on building walls, that indicates the property owner wants no one posting flyers on that surface. Also the name of a documentary about political street artist Robbie Canal filmed in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Permitted Spaces - Walls and related surfaces that the owner has made available to Wild Posting firms.

Legal Vs. Illegal Posting Tactics


Wild Posting® and Wheatpasting are not illegal

Vendors who use legal Wild Posting® tactics can assure you that your flyers and posters:

  • Will be posted only in permitted spaces that tend to be the best locations;
  • Will be professionally posted and look great to passersby
  • Will stay up or be replaced if covered over or taken down during the course of your campaign;
  • Will not lead to criminal charges such as vandalism.

Vendors that use illegal tactics may assure you of many things but in actuality will ensure that your flyers and posters:

  • Will appear in places that they shouldn't be;
  • Will be subject to turf wars and will soon be torn down or covered over;
  • Will not be posted professionally and may be left in tatters making your client's brand look unprofessional;
  • Will expose you to legal actions and brand destruction.

While it's true that you may get a lower price from vendors that use illegal tactics and they may be able to put your posters in locations where no one else appears, they can also lead to negative media attention, high profile legal attacks and fines and general ill will.

Finding A Legal Wild Posting® Vendor

So how do you know if your Wild Posting® campaign for a client's tour kicking off in New York or a new movie premiering in Los Angeles will be legal and professional?

One way is to turn to a company like Dash Two that specializes in buying media from companies that use legal posting tactics. We know who's doing what and whether or not they'll be respecting those Post No Bills notices.

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