When you think of Wild Posting, you probably think of construction areas papered over with ads for concerts. You may not think about branding. But you should.

Wild posting provides an excellent platform for branding. It allows companies to feature the thing that sets them apart and makes them unique. When you focus on branding for your Wild Posting, you will do much more than promote a single event or product. You promote your identity, which carries far beyond the day people see your Wild Posting.

How can you use Wild Posting for branding? Follow these 7 tips to make your creative memorable and find the right place to target, carrying your message to the right people and making a lasting marketing impact.

Why Is Branding Important?

First, a quick primer on the importance of branding. The reason for branding is pretty simple: To set yourself apart from the competition. In most industries, there are lots of businesses that do the same thing. Branding is the argument for why people should choose you.

Branding makes a promise, and that promise grabs peopleā€™s attention.

Branding capsulizes the character of your business and packages it in an easy-to-consume way. Itā€™s not enough to sell a product. You have to do it the best or be the most charitable in your industry or offer the best customer service. Something must set you apart, otherwise people wonā€™t choose you.

Brands can pick lots of different images to pursue, such as:

  • Reliable and stable
  • New and innovative
  • Eco-conscious and caring

Whatever you choose, you need to deliver that image consistently. Hereā€™s where Wild Posting comes in. You can deliver the same message across a range of venues with Wild Posting. These tips will help keep you on-message and achieve the results you desire.

  1. Determine How Wild Posting Fits Into Your Strategy

Strategy is the four Wā€™s of advertising ā€” what, where, when and who are getting your messages. While you already know the how, which is Wild Posting, you need to determine the other four through use of data and experience.

For example, you should target your Wild Posting in an area where you will reach consumers likely to buy your product. If you are promoting a Lady Gaga album, for instance, you probably want to advertise somewhere her fans are likely to be, such as on the road to Coachella.

importance of branding

New York Wild Posting for Playboy

  1. Define Your Goals Before You Begin

Advertising without strategy is just throwing money around. You should establish clear goals for your campaign. When you use Wild Posting for branding, you may also want to gain followers on social media or drive album sales.

Wild posting also can be part of a greater effort to brand your company that may also include elements such as bus bench advertising or billboards.

  1. Use Creative That Furthers Branding Efforts

The creative you use in Wild Posting is critical. People absorb the repeated images and associate them with your company. They will then think of your company anytime they see similar creative. Creating associations keeps you top of mind with potential customers and is why Wild Posting can be so effective. Repetition builds recognition.

So you need killer creative that will attract peopleā€™s attention. Itā€™s worth investing in professional assistance for this because professionals understand the difference between an appealing drawing or logo and a motivating one. You donā€™t want people to think, ā€œThatā€™s cute.ā€ You want them to think, ā€œI need that.ā€ You should consider:

  1. Add Words (Sometimes) But Choose Them Carefully

Copy can reinforce your branding efforts for Wild Posting, but they should not be the focus of your poster. Wild posting is a more visual medium than almost any other form of outdoor advertising ā€” itā€™s about the repetition of the image, though you can use different colors of paper or other techniques to make the Wild Posting stand out.

Limit the words you use, and make sure they are truly impactful. They should convey either vital information or a limited catchphrase you want to tie to your brand. For instance, Nikeā€™s ā€œjust do itā€ is an example of iconic branding that effectively combines visual (swoosh) with words.

So think short and sweet. Six or fewer words is good. But donā€™t add words just to have them. You can successfully brand your company without writing anything.

  1. Emphasize Consistency in Your Messaging

Branding is all about consistency. That doesnā€™t mean using the exact same creative every time, but it does mean conveying the same message. Consider what you want to say about your company as well as how you want to say it.

Wild posting is so simple, itā€™s easy to under-think it. Donā€™t do that. While it may be a simple delivery system, it does give you a chance to say a lot. Use the same theme, but play around with different ideas.

  1. Take Your Time

For Wild Posting, you really want something you are happy with. The same message will be plastered all over the place, and if you come at something too hurriedly or try to do it in-house without investing enough effort in a professional-looking image or smart copy, you will just end up frustrated when you see the Wild Posting all over.

  1. Consider Data in All Your Decisions

We believe everything is better with data. As you plan your distribution strategy and where you want to put up your Wild Posting, look at demographics of the area, pricing, all the little things that play into every advertising plan. You should always have a firm idea why you are doing something and be able to support it with numbers. This goes for branding as well as selling.

Sometimes when we say ā€œdata,ā€ peopleā€™s eyes glaze over, but all effective advertising is data-driven. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesnā€™t understand the business. Contact us today to discuss more ideas for using Wild Posting to improve your branding.