Blogging Articles that cover Music Advertising for Wild Posting. Wild Posters are a great way to reach Music Fans.

August 2017

5 Reasons To Use Wild Posting


Thinking of Wild Posting tends to conjure images of vandals putting up posters and lamenting the evils of corporate America. (Or plugging their garage band.) But in actuality, this popular form of guerrilla marketing has become a sought after form of advertising for many big companies including Sony, Interscope Records and Apple. Apple’s iPod dancing [...]

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April 2016



Flyposting Flyposting (also known as bill posting) is done by placing advertisements without permission. Generally these are photocopied posters distributed amongst a large public area where they might be seen by consumers. Bus stops, buildings, lampposts, benches, railings, and stair wells are all good examples of flyposting targets. The act of flyposting can be [...]


March 2016

Most Effective Outdoor Advertising


Report from DASH TWO Lately, we have been conversing a lot about online advertising and its ever changing digital trends, so today’s topic is on outdoor advertising – What works and what are the most cost-effective outdoor advertising strategies in the Los Angeles and New York urban markets. In short: For LA, snipe posters, [...]

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